The new iPad launched in Malaysia on 20th April 2012. According to my analysis on historical pricing, Malaysia’s iPad pricing is usually the cheapest, even cheaper than US itself. With the launch of the new iPad, i investigate the comparative pricing from four five countries – Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and US.

We are using the lowest (16GB) and the highest (64GB) capacity for the Wifi-only and the Wifi + 4G models. All pricing used are from the black models since there is no price difference for color choice on the Apple online store, and USD conversion are done using prevailing exchange rate (as of April 23rd 2012) from

CountryDescriptionPrice (native)Price (USD)
MalaysiaiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 16GB (MC705ZP/A)RM 1,499.00$489.86
SingaporeiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 16GB (MC705ZP/A)S$658.00$526.40
AustraliaiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 16GB (MC705X/A)A$528.00$512.16
USAiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 16GB (MC705LL/A)US$499.00$499.00
ThailandiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 16GB (MC705TH/A)฿16,500$523.05
MalaysiaiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 64GB (MC707ZP/A)RM 2,099.00$685.95
SingaporeiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 64GB (MC707ZP/A)S$918.00$734.40
AustraliaiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 64GB (MC707X/A)A$759.00$736.23
USAiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 64GB (MC707LL/A)US$699.00$699.00
ThailandiPad 3 Wi-Fi only 64GB (MC707TH/A)฿22,500$713.26
MalaysiaiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 16GB (MD366ZP/A)RM 1899.00$620.59
SingaporeiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 16GB (MD366ZP/A)S$828.00$662.40
AustraliaiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 16GB (MD366X/A)A$679.00$658.63
USAiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 16GB (MD366LL/A)US$629.00$629.00
ThailandiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 16GB (MD366TH/A)฿20,500$649.86
MalaysiaiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 64GB (MD368ZP/A)RM 2,499.00$816.67
SingaporeiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 64GB (MD368ZP/A)S$1088.00$870.40
AustraliaiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 64GB (MD368X/A)A$899.00$872.03
USAiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 64GB (MD368LL/A)US$829.00$829.00
ThailandiPad 3 Wifi + 4G 64GB (MD368TH/A)฿26,500$840.07

From the table above, we can establish that if you are looking for a good deal on iPad 3, Malaysia is the currently one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) place to get your hands on a new iPad 3. The US is a close 2nd, averaging a US$10 gap. Australia just edges out Singapore to claim the 3rd spot, but not by much, with the highest end 64GB Wifi + 4G model being the only model that is more expensive than Singapore.