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Benks Magic HSR on HTC One X

My brother and i both bought the HTC One X about 3 months ago. He recently purchased a Benks Magic HSR SP for me, after my HTC Original SP got scratched badly.

This is the first time i’m using the Benks series of screen protector. I’ve used SGP(Spigen), PowerSupport, Tunewear, PhoneDevil (from US), BodyGuardz and some random cheap SP before this (on the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 5). The HTC One X is my first Android phone. I had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 prior to his, but sold it after a few months cause the performance was not up to my standard.

Anyway some information about the Benks screen protectors. They come in 4 flavours:

  • AR – Clear surface with Anti-reflection coating
  • SR – Matte surface, anti fingerprint, scratch resistant, anti-fog
  • HR – High transparency and scratch resistant
  • HSR – HD High clarity with anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant

Naturally the HSR is their flagship screen protector.

The level of detail they spent on the packaging of the screen protector pack is fantastic:

  • The screen protector is sealed in the green packaging. The packing is similar to those that holds the wet tissues when we visit a Chinese restaurant.
  • The electrostatic dedusting film, dedusting cleaning film and replacement pulling tags are sealed in the blue packing. (3,4,5)
  • Micro-fibre cloth and a tool to install the camera protector (6)

The tools provided will highly increase the likelihood of a successful installation of the screen protector. For those of us who has experience with installing screen protectors, you will know that the replacement pulling tag and the de-dusting film are essential. You will always get some pesky speck of dust going between the screen and the screen protector. The electostatic dedusting film is excellent for preparing the screen for installation.
Below is a short video that i took on testing the anti fingerprint claim on their HD high clarity screen. So far, i must say it’s pretty good.

The screen protector does not hinder the amazing 4.7″ HD screen on the One X, which providing adequate anti-fingerprint protection. Granted, if you have very greasy hands, there will still be fingerprints. But i’m happy to report that smudges wipes off easily on this screen protector. Also, it covers almost the whole screen, a stark contrast to the provided screen protector from SGP, which only covers the center portion of the screen.

Definitely recommended!

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