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“Official” Apple iPhone 5 advert promo video – leaked

I must say, even Apple fan-boys are amazing when it comes to making “rumoured” mock-ups of new products and apple-esque product advertisements.

Just hours before the September 12th Apple launch event, MacObserver found a brilliant iPhone 5 promo video. Granted it’s probably not the “official” video by Apple, but the effort in making such a detailed video deserves some credit. Enjoy.

Desiree and Jam @ NTV7 Star Concert ’08 -《一眼瞬间》

Desiree’s duet with Jam Xiao. According to Desiree, her mic was exceptionally soft throughout the most of the song, until the end when the screwed up audio team finally corrected the problem. Even Jam’s 《收藏》had some reverberation in the beginning. I particularly like 《一眼瞬间》, so it’s cool to see Des herself performing it with Jam himself. Could have been better if the mic didn’t cock up.

Better luck next time Des! 😉

You may also check out her first MV 《爱错了吗》here, starring my two friends Zhiming and Xin Jie.

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