EKEN’s latest action camera – the H8R (R for remote model) is quipped to be a Hero 4 killer at a fraction of the cost. Armed with the Sony IMX078 12.4 Megapixel sensor, 2″ rear live view LCD and front data LCD, it also takes 4K videos at 30fps (vs 15fps on Hero 4 Silver).

Here’s a comparison table:

Eken H8R vs Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

Photo quality comparison

I took the two cameras for a spin around my neighbourhood and took some test photo shots around 6:00pm, when the sun was setting. As the Hero 4 takes in 4:3 aspect ration, i had to crop the image to fit the 16:9 ratio on the H8R. All photos unedited and used the below settings:


  • 12MP Wide
  • Metering: Multi
  • Exposure: 0.00

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

  • 12MP Wide
  • Spot Meter: On
  • Protune: Off


Test shot 1 – Hero 4 does slightly better with the dark areas in the temple, but H8R’s color is more vibrant and brighter. [Click for full resolution]


Test shot 2 – Hero 4 exhibits a warmer color temperature, while H8R has a cooler and sharper image. [Click for full-resolution photo]


Test shot 3 – We see a similar trend here. Hero 4 has a warmer but less vibrant color and slightly sharper details in the crop. H8R has nice vibrant colors, slightly cooler color temperature. [Click for full-resolution photo]


Test shot 4 – Hero 4 is slightly underexposed here, while the H8R display good exposure and color overall. [Click for full-resolution photo]

Will continue testing the video capabilities + time lapse.

Stay tuned!